I was having an important exam, but I found it very hard to concentrate on studying. I can’t resist the temptation to look at my phone. Then I tried to turn my phone from something that distract me to a study tool by using some apps to motivate myself to study. Here are some apps that I used:

Habit Challenge

This app is easy to use. You can create any habits including “studying for an hour” or “do not play computer games”. If you fulfill the habit requirement, all you need to do is to press a button. This app has limited functions. There are limitations on the number of habits you can create. If you want to create more habits, you need to pay. The good news is, this app is ad free for everyone.


This app is free of charge and free of ads. This app is for anyone if you want to master some skills. There are no limitations on the number of skills you create, as far as I know. For students, you can create a “skill” for each subject. It counts the number of hours you spent on that skill. It is based on the myth that people need 10000 hours to master a skill. Even though we know that the 10000 hour rule is not true, this app can still motivate you to practice and improve your skill.

There are some other apps that I used. I may write about them later.

However, after using these apps for a while, I realized that the motivation they have given me does not really last. I don’t feel like using them anymore. I study because I enjoy learning, not because I have to.

After the exam end, many classmates went out to with their friends, but I’m not interested in going out. I just stayed at home and read books about maths and science. I realized that I did not daydream or play games on my phone at all. I was much more focused than before. I am amazed to see that the exams may not made us more motivated, but less willing to learn.

Students, do not study because you have to. Find something that you feel passionate about and work hard on it.



Why you should study

Recently, I have heard of many complaints about our education system among students. As a student, I also agree that our education do have problems. What we learn at school is often useless in daily life. We study just because we want a good grade, we want a good grade just because it can help us to get into university. We want to get into university because we want a well-paid job…

Thinking about all these ridiculous things certainly decrease our motivation to study. So what should we do? Are there anything that students do benefit from going to school and studying?

The knowledge students learnt may not be useful in their future, but the skills they learnt is lifelong. Understanding English literature may not help you do better in the workplace, but by studying literature, you learnt a lot of new words which may be useful to your daily life. You may not use advanced maths after you leave school, but logical thinking is needed no matter what industry you are going to. Writing essays is a good way to improve your writing, you learnt who to work with others by doing group projects. Exams, are something which every student hates. But tests and exams is a good lesson for you. You can learn time management, self control when preparing for tests.

Do not stop studying because you think you can’t learn anything useful. If you let a random adult to take a high school test, do you think they could get high marks? They probably couldn’t even pass it. Who would remember what you have learnt after all exams? But does it mean that you can go to the workplace with little schooling? NO.

Studying is easier and less stressful compare to working. If you fail an exam, you may feel bad, your parents may scold you. But that’s all. Your parents would still let you to live in their home, and cook dinner for you. But what about working? If you had done something wrong, you may lose your job. Unless you are rich, you rely on your job to make a living, which is much more stressful. You should grab the opportunities to study hard. 

Having good grades does not mean being successful in life, that’s why you should always learn useful skills like leadership by joining activities. But study skills is an extremely important skill too. Learn how to manage your time, to resist your temptation of playing video games, going out with friends, going onto Facebook or Instagram. This will certainly benefit your life.


Don’t forget your new year resolution

What is your new year resolution? Have you forgotten about it already?

One month of 2018 has passed, have you achieved 1/12 of your new year resolution?

If yes, that’s good. Keep going.

But I know, most probably, the answer is no.

New year resolution is not a wish, it is more than that. It is something that you should achieve this year.

Rome is not built in one day.

You can’t wait until the last day of 2018 to compete your new year resolution. You would have forgotten it, wouldn’t you?
If you don’t start now, you are likely to forget what your goal for this year is.

Now or never.

Start now. Determination is power.

Small goal, big dream

You should be ambitious with your life, but it doesn’t mean that you need to set very big goals for yourself immediately. Start with small goals. Instead of saying that you are going to read 10 books this month, why not set a target to read each chapter every day?

If you are going to set long term goals, set some short term goals as well. If you want to get an A in the final exam, you need to think about how much time you must spend on revision every day/week. You may think that it is ok to study later if you only set a target to get an A.


First Post


It is never easy to be motivated. As a student, every time when I want to sit down to study, I get distracted by other things. I know it is important to study, but still, I am not motivated to do so.

Everyone has a dream, something that you want to achieve in your life. Everyone needs goals, to push ourselves beyond our limits. It is not difficult to discover your passion and goals, but it is very hard to be motivated to work hard to achieve them.

I want to start this blog, to motivate people, to inspire people, and to make a difference.